Hallelujah Monkeyz: A Gorillaz Fancast

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"The #1 Gorillaz podcast in the world" - Damon Albarn

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Latest Episodes…

  1. "Gorillazish Mix" (2001) & "Roadkill: The Mixtape" (2005)- 09/11/2017

    After trying to figure out the most passive aggressive way to gaslight the firstborn son of Jamie Hewlett into appearing on the show, Dillon and Trevor take a better look at two former Gorillaz producers by checking out a pair of promotional mixtapes they created while working with the band: ...


  2. Interview with Dubversive of Spacemonkeyz / "Laika Come Home" Track-by-Track Review - 09/04/2017

    With a Russian space dog at the helm and some reggae on the stereo, Dillon and Trevor set their controls for the heart of the dub and take an interstellar look at Laika Come Home -- with a little help from one of the Spacemonkeyz themselves, Dubversive! It's one small ...


  3. Interview with Ceri Levy, director of "Bananaz" - 08/28/2017

    The Hallelujah Monkeyz End of the Summer Double Episode Bananaz Blowout continues as Dillon and Trevor welcome director Ceri Levy to the show for an in-depth chat about his years as Gorillaz' documentarian. What's it like being inches away from a vomiting Damon Albarn? Tune in and find out! ...


  4. "Bananaz" - 08/21/2017

    Having subjected themselves to an exhausting season of exploring every last nook and cranny of the Gorillaz mythos, Dillon and Trevor kick back and unwind with a copy of Bananaz, Ceri Levy's 2008 documentary about the first two phases of the project. Well, really it's a movie about Damon Albarn ...


  5. Murdoc's Pirate Radio & The Book of Gorillaz - 08/14/2017

    Like two fledgling paleontologists, Dillon and Trevor take on the incomplete skeleton that is Phase 3's storyline and do their best to reassemble it into a beautiful T-Rex. Meanwhile, Murdoc Niccals has a serious drinking problem. Patreon: www.patreon.com/hallelujahmonkeyz Discord: discord.gg/Nr9Du4S Email: hallelujahmonkeyz@gmail.com Twitter: twitter.com/gorillazfancast ...