Hallelujah Monkeyz: A Gorillaz Fancast

--- Trevor Ikrath & Dillon Flynn ---

"The #1 Gorillaz podcast in the world" - Damon Albarn
Brought to you by Trevor Ikrath & Dillon Flynn of Hallelujah Monkeyz: A Gorillaz Fancast

Latest Episodes…

  1. "Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez" (2020)

    Having received the remaining episodes of Song Machine Season 1 far sooner than they’d ever anticipated, Dillon and Trevor take the fully assembled contraption for a test run. Plus, an exciting new contest! Don't miss your opportunity to guest star on a future episode of Hallelujah Monkeyz! ...


  2. Song Machine Episodes 1-4 ("Live" from the Hallelujah Monkeyz Discord)

    Dillon and Trevor are back to inject some momentary bliss into your year of misery and chaos! Listen as they fumble with technology, bid farewell to a legend, and dig in to four new Gorillaz songs and videos! (originally streamed live on 06/11/2020) Livestream art by Gwen (@gwen.loves.art on instagram) ...


  3. Reject False Icons (The Hallelujah Monkeyz Telethon)

    Dillon and Trevor tromp across sticky floors, shell out for overpriced refreshments, and cower under the unmerciful glow of those little flashlight wand thingies when Hallelujah Monkeyz goes to the cinema! Travel back to December when a global Gorillaz party went down in a theater near you, as the ...


  4. The Albarnaissance (2017-2018)

    It has been two long months since we left Dillon and Trevor in South Carolina and five long years since half of all life in the universe was extinguished in a snap. In that time society has completely destabilized. But from the soupy grey fog of defeat, hope ...


  5. The First Official Hallelujah Monkeyz Patreon Pledge Drive: "To Pimp a Butterfly" (2015)

    It's pledge drive time! Did you enjoy HM's recent live excursion to South Carolina? Well, it wouldn't have been possible without the donations of our cherished patreon donors! What's that? You'd like to pitch in a few dollars too? Well fortunately for you the Patreonkeyz Club is officially accepting new ...