Hallelujah Monkeyz: A Gorillaz Fancast

--- Trevor Ikrath & Dillon Flynn ---

"The #1 Gorillaz podcast in the world" - Damon Albarn

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  1. NOODLING AROUND: The Miho Hatori Interview

    Hallelujah Monkeyz never take leave, not even on All Hallows Eve! On this jam-packed Halloween special, Dillon and Trevor dissect the new single from the Good, the Bad & the Queen before sitting down for an incredible and candid chat with former Cibo Matto frontwoman and real live actual Noodle ...


  2. Hallelujah Monkeyz Live at Demon Dayz

    The day of reckoning has come at last: join the Hallelujah Monkeyz live at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California as they venture deep into the heart of the Demon Dayz festival to bear witness to the grand finale of Gorillaz (for now, at least). Will the ...



    hey we're in LA how bout you? okay cool meet us at the pico rivera sports arena, we'll go see the band together. hey, it's you! do you have like twenty bucks i can borrow? i wanna try to bribe this festival employee to let us backstage to interview damon. ...


  4. TALKING HEAD: The Shaun Ryder Interview / "Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches" (1990)

    #FREETHESEA! This week on Hallelujah Monkeyz, Dillon and Trevor link up with the legendary Gorillaz-Unofficial to talk about an exciting new fan campaign, before getting a very special report from one of the band’s recent live shows. Then the boys take a seat at the round table for an in-depth ...


  5. DEATH BY LIFE: The Phi Life Cypher Interview / "Millennium Metaphors" (2000)

    At long last the time has come. As Damon Albarn prepares to see his animated band off for another decade or so with a few final exciting live shows, Dillon and Trevor sit down with a pair of guests that they’ve been meaning to speak with for quite some time: ...