Hallelujah Monkeyz: A Gorillaz Fancast

--- Trevor Ikrath & Dillon Flynn ---

"The #1 Gorillaz podcast in the world" - Damon Albarn

Brought to you by Trevor Ikrath & Dillon Flynn of Hallelujah Monkeyz: A Gorillaz Fancast

Latest Episodes…

  1. "Viva! la Woman" (1996) - 1/29/2018

    After taking a moment to mourn the passing of a legendary and beloved member of the Gorillaz family, Dillon and Trevor loosen their belts and chow down on “Viva! La Woman”, a peculiar record by an eccentric duo known as Cibo Matto. These boys might know their chicken, but have ...


  2. "Leisure" (1991) - 1/15/2018

    To kick off a brand new season of the show, Dillon and Trevor say "better late than never" and exchange Christmas gifts! Then, in an exciting new segment, we take our first dip inside the Hallelujah Monkeyz Mailbag! After that it's back to 1991 to meet Britain's newest hitmakers Seymour, ...


  3. "Everyday Robots" (2014) - 1/08/2018

    After a month away, Dillon and Trevor return to finish off season five of Hallelujah Monkeyz with a review of Damon Albarn’s solo record, Everyday Robots. Sure, there may only be one gorilla’s name on the cover, but there are a whole lot more monkeying around behind the scenes! ...


  4. "The Bravest Man in the Universe" (2011) - 1/01/2018

    Having completed their journey to the west, Dillon and Trevor muster up what courage they have left to sit down with The Bravest Man in the Universe. Face your fears and join us this week for a discussion on the life and times of Bobby Womack, including his final solo ...


  5. Monkey: Journey to the West (2008) - 12/26/2017

    Dillon and Trevor embark on a Journey to the West and discuss Monkey, a Mandarin opera from 2007 featuring music by Damon Albarn and art design by Jamie Hewlett. With only the stars to guide them, it’s an odyssey unlike anything the show has seen before! ...